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christopher bassford policy politics war and military - this study originated as the original draft of marine corps doctrinal publication 1 1 strategy 1997 although it was written under usmc auspices there is nothing service specific about it rather it was designed to address the fundamental question what is the role of organized violence in the pursuit of political goals, united states mexican war 1846 1848 peace history - this essay examines the historical causes conduct and results of the u s mexican war 1846 1848 this was the first u s counterinsurgency war in a foreign country was the war just and necessary many americans including three former and future presidents thought not, index na ne rulers - nader ralph b feb 27 1934 winsted conn u s presidential candidate 1996 2000 2004 2008 in 1965 he became famous with his best seller unsafe at any speed a book that criticized the american auto industry and led to the passage of the 1966 national traffic and motor vehicle safety act which empowered the government to set safety standards for all automobiles sold in the united, timeline us intervention in afghanistan 2001 to 2017 - timeline us intervention in afghanistan 2001 to 2017 key developments of a 16 year conflict from the 2001 us invasion after 9 11 to trump s latest strategy reveal, history of united states britannica com - other articles where history of united states is discussed united states history the territory represented by the continental united states had of course been discovered perhaps several times before the voyages of christopher columbus when columbus arrived he found the new world inhabited by peoples who in all likelihood had originally come from the continent of, reflections on american grand strategy in asia belfer - to understand how i approached china during my time as secretary it s important to note that i don t see u s strategy in asia as centered on china at all i said many times we don t have a china policy we have an asia policy the heart of that policy is a mesh of political diplomatic economic and military relationships with many nations that has sustained security and underwritten