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the god who weeps how mormonism makes sense of life - the god who weeps how mormonism makes sense of life terryl givens fiona givens on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers reading this book is like experiencing mormonism in high definition whether you know a lot or a little about latter day saint doctrine, becoming like god the church of jesus christ of latter - one of the most common images in western and eastern religions alike is of god as a parent and of human beings as god s children billions pray to god as their parent invoke the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people to promote peace and reach out to the weary and troubled out of deep conviction that each of god s children has great worth, amazon com parley p pratt the apostle paul of mormonism - parley p pratt was one of the original twelve apostles of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints he was a charismatic speaker utterly devoted to preaching the gospel he travelled the world building the kingdom of god on earth and wrote some of the most influential tracts books poems and hymns of the first century of the restoration, modern grace message revolution or rebellion - there is a synergy between power and repentance we can only live godly lives by the spirit s power yet our choice is involved in the process as evidenced by the fact that commands to repent are repeatedly addressed to us and right living is the tracks upon which the train of god s genuine life and power flow in revived churches j edwin orr observes as do nearly all historians of, the planet kolob top 10 craziest mormon beliefs - the planet kolob and the song about it kolob is a star or planet described in mormon scripture reference to kolob is found in the book of abraham a work published by latter day saint lds prophet joseph smith jr according to this work kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne or residence of god while the book of abraham refers to kolob as a star it also refers to planets, philippians 3 1 3 commentary precept austin - in the lord here is the directory by which gladness is preserved from levity we are not to be glad in sin or to find comfort in corn and wine and oil but in our god is to be the garden of our soul s delight that there is a god and such a god and that he is ours ours for ever our father and our reconciled lord is matter enough for a never ending psalm of rapturous joy, 9 unbiblical statements that christians believe shane pruitt - the first thing one does in order to either discredit the authority of god and create credibility for their own religious view is to attack scripture but in such a way as to believe nobody will recognize it as an attack on scripture, ancient affinities within the lds book of enoch part one - muslims refer to jews and christians along with themselves as ahl al kitab meaning roughly the people of the book thus recognizing these groups as having faith rooted in genuine revelation from god see richard c martin ed encyclopedia of islam and the muslim world 2 vols new york city macmillan reference usa gale group thomson learning 2004 1 27 29, understanding the endtime endtime ministries with irvin - understanding the endtime is the must have 14 lesson dvd series that explains the bible prophecies of the end time and the second coming of jesus christ, letter to a doubter interpreter a journal of latter day - i understand that some doubts have arisen in your mind i don t know for sure what they are but i imagine i have heard them before probably i have entertained some of them in my own mind and perhaps i still harbor some of them myself i am not going to respond to them in the ways that you may, turning a unicorn into a bat the post in which we - all photos in the post taken by kailey shakespear admin note you can view a copy of the original post from five years ago here a copy was made because the original post was causing a lot of strain on the server nothing has been edited or changed just copied over, keygar s korner keygar s blog end times blog rapture - this month s blog is by terry james of www raptureready com once again i come to the point in my pontificating that i admit to being sorely vexed i understand more and more the kjv s description of mr lot s sense of hyper frustration, smith history vault 1886 wyl book excerpts - i joseph smith nobody knows what the other world will be i have got the damned fools fixed and will carry out the fun the world owes me a good living and if i cannot get it without i ll steal it and catch me at it if you can, a few notes on nature spirits part one nature as it - we seem to have established a nascent tradition here on ecosophia net around fifth wednesdays and i m by no means distressed by that the first month with five wednesdays since the new blog launched which was this last august i decided on the spur of the moment to ask my readers to propose a topic for, chuck missler and roger oakland exposed discerning the world - chuck missler and roger oakland exposed do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers it is with a very heavy heart that i re post this article because there is a man who i looked up to that i am now going to expose roger oakland i had previously done an article on chuck missler here dr chuck missler swansat and the auric currency and one on his wife nancy missler here