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kaiulani the people s princess hawaii 1889 ellen - ellen emerson white s contribution to the fictionalized royal diaries series portrays the short life of hawaiian princess kaiulani cleghorn the daughter of a european merchant and a hawaiian princess kaiulani was a direct heir to the kalakaua dynasty and third in line for the hawaiian throne, marie of romania wikipedia - marie of romania also known as marie of edinburgh marie alexandra victoria 29 october 1875 18 july 1938 was the last queen of romania as the wife of king ferdinand i born into the british royal family she was titled princess marie of edinburgh at birth her parents were prince alfred duke of edinburgh later duke of saxe coburg and gotha and grand duchess maria alexandrovna of russia, after montessori montessori answers - alan ricman is a renowned english stage actor and theater director known for both his modern and classical productions he is a former member of the royal shakespeare company and is known best for his film performances as hans gruber in die hard severus snape in the harry potter film series eamon de valera in michael collins and metatron in dogma, amazon com a royal experiment the private life of king - generally historical biographies can be written in two ways the first is a look at the subject s public life with a bit of the private the second is a look at the private life with a bit about the public life, rescue romance tv tropes - the rescue romance trope as used in popular culture one of the methods writers use to jumpstart relationships a variety of samaritan relationship starter, chick magnet tv tropes - a chick magnet is a guy who draws girls to him like bears to honey and if he s not careful with similar results he s not the casanova or kavorka man but he pulls girls in about as fast as they do if not faster unlike these scoundrels even when he does finally realize the feelings of the girls around him he never tries to take advantage of them, padm amidala wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - a young princess amidala born padm naberrie in 46 bby amidala was the youngest daughter of ruwee and jobal thule naberrie and the sister of sola naberrie padm grew up in an isolated mountain village where her parents instilled in their children high virtues like self sacrifice and care for the socially weak her family moved to theed when she was young and padm attended the best