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guardians of the galaxy 2008 team wikipedia - the guardians of the galaxy are a fictional spacefaring superhero team appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics dan abnett and andy lanning formed the team from existing and previously unrelated characters created by a variety of writers and artists with an initial roster of star lord rocket raccoon groot phyla vell gamora drax the destroyer and adam warlock, guardians of the galaxy film wikipedia - guardians of the galaxy retroactively referred to as guardians of the galaxy vol 1 is a 2014 american superhero film based on the marvel comics superhero team of the same name produced by marvel studios and distributed by walt disney studios motion pictures it is the tenth film in the marvel cinematic universe mcu the film was directed by james gunn who wrote the screenplay with nicole, guardians of the galaxy 3 everything we know so far - marvel s 2014 cosmic adventure guardians of the galaxy and its 2017 sequel guardians of the galaxy vol 2 outperformed expectations by becoming two of the highest grossing films in the marvel, the 15 best marvel cinematic universe movie moments so far - the marvel cinematic universe has taken us all on quite a ride from assembling the avengers to going cosmic with the guardians or visiting wakanda with black panther these past 11 years and 21, every marvel movie tv show in mcu phase 4 with release - phase 3 of the marvel cinematic universe comes to an end with spider man far from home which introduces the concept of multiverses to the mcu and after that movie hits theaters on july 2